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Saint Paul, Mn


Home of Minnesota based, mixed-media artist; Suki the Saint.


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ALL Paintings and artistic works featured on this website are created and crafted by: Suki The Saint, unless otherwise noted.


Paintings below have being creating using primarily acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, as well as, oil based sharpie and art-deco paint markers, and various other listed by case materials. Sizes and other specifications are listed below each piece. Please feel free to click the images to enlarge and read details.

Set if Off, Proud! Suki The Saint

CULT'R Collection

Phase I has arrived!

Phase I:

Phase I of the CULT'r Collection features classic black cartoons/animated sitcoms and popular urban films. Combining retro with your inner 90's-early 00's baby, these paintings add the perfect pop of color to any room, creating conversation, and sparking nostalgia. 

Set it Off, Proud!

20 x 24in, acrylic on canvas.

"Set if Off, Proud!" by Suki The Saint, Aug. 2017.

Featuring the girls from Disney's "The Proud Family" set in the classic cover of F. Gary Gary's "Set it Off"


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The Lick

20 x 24 in., acrylic on canvas.

"The Lick" by Suki The Saint, Aug. 2017.

Featuring the girls from Disney's "The Proud Family" set in the infamous "lick" scene from F. Gary Gray's film "Set it Off"

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Smokey & the huffa

11 x 14 in. - acrulic on canvas. (ready to hang)

"Smokey and the Huffa" by Suki the Saint, Sept. 2017.

Features Smokey from the early 2000's animated sitcom, the PJ's; set in the popular "huffer" scene from the Spike Lee film "Crooklyn"

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Crooklyn PJ's

20 x 24 in, acrylic on canvas.

"Crookyln PJ's" by Suki the Saint, Oct 2017.

Featuring the characters of FOX's 2001 Eddie Murphy voiced animated Sitcom "The PJ's" set in the classic movie cover of Spike Lee's film "Crooklyn."

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Bits & Pieces.

W.E: Forbidden Fruit
600.00 1,100.00

"W.E: Forbidden Fruit" by Suki the Saint, Original painting, Sept. 2016

30x40" (approx. 2.5x3.5ft) , acrylic on stretched canvas.

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Filtrated (2pc set)

Filtrated by Suki the Saint, March 2017 - two piece set.

Size: 11 x 14 in (each) 

medium: acrylic, synthetic hair, and canvas panels.

Apart of the G.A.L. (Girls As of Lately) collection, Filtrated is inspired by the two most infamous snapchat filters. Each piece features real styled synthetic hair, acrylic background, inside a shadowbox frame, with acrylic embellishments on the glass windows.

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Wig Snatched Cry Baby
660.00 1,100.00

Wig Snatched Cry Baby by Suki the Saint, March 2017

Size: 60 x 48 in

medium: acrylic, polished mosaic stones.

Apart of the G.A.L. (Girls As of Lately) collection,  Wig Snatched Cry Baby was inspired by the more gritty, rough side to the current generation of women.

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W.E. - Creator
400.00 1,000.00

"W.E: Creator" by Suki the Saint, Original painting Aug 2016

30x40", (approx: 2.5x3.5 ft) acrylic on canvas

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Queens Never Die
120.00 300.00

Queens never Die. by Suki The Saint, Jan. 2017.

30x40in, acrylic and gold glitter. 

original painting.


***This piece is marked down because it requires re-framing. The current frame is slightly warped and does not sit flush to the wall.

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W.E: The Warrior
1,200.00 1,750.00

"W.E: the Warrior" by Suki the Saint, Original painting. August 2016.

30x40" acrylic on canvas

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Hey Big Head

Hey Big Head by Suki the Saint, Feb 2017.

size: 56 x 40 in. canvas

medium: Acrylic paint, and cold porcelain clay. 

Apart of the G.A.L. (Girls as of Lately) Collection, "Hey Big Head" was inspired by the "universal social media code" of missing your ex in a time of need. The roses are handmade of porcelain clay (also handmade.)

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